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Vocals/Lyrics/Guitar: Carlien Jeanne Spierings
Recording/mix/master: Steven van der Werff, Studio Mono Amsterdam


Funny how sometimes feelings
Cannot be explained
I really need this time now, need to rearrange
Chase my hopes and wishes, make my skies more clear
Staying here would be holding on to fear
Oh, staying here would be holding on to fear

I promise I'll always dream I'll do everything safely
I will find my peace of mind
While I'm hard to find
And I'm leaving you and everything behind
Oh I'm leaving you and everything behind

And maybe you will find me
Busking in your bar
Sailing all the seven seas with a backpack and guitar
Dancing under shooting stars chasing all my dreams
Far and free
Far and free

And if you will find me we will reconnect
Get lost in each other's eyes and other kinds of affection
And on and on our lives will intertwine
In the perfect time
In the perfect time

And maybe I will come back covered in tattoos
Gained a few wrinkles or a scar or two
And though I may be hard to recognize
You will see it's me by looking me in the eyes
Oh you'll see it's me by looking me in the eyes

And maybe when I come back
You will be long gone
Already forgot me or you've already moved on
Or maybe you'll be angry that I've left you for so long

Well this is my not-forever-goodbye-song
Oh this is my not-forever-goodbye-song
And maybe when you look me in the eye
You will see that this is not forever goodbye
Oh and darling I cannot tell you when
But I know that our souls will meet again


from Traveler, track released September 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Carlien Jeanne Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Singer-songwriter, cheeky folky heartfelt songs.

Originally from the Netherlands, currently globetrotting.


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